Gigi Pro Wax Kit


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GiGi Mini Pro Kit is the ideal starter kit for the novice or the price conscious professional. The kit contains all the necessary wax and lotions for a complete professional service.

The GiGi Mini Pro Kit contains:
1 GiGi Wax warmer with cover
1 x 396g GiGi Crème Wax
10 x GiGi Petite Wooden Applicators
10 x GiGi Small Accu Edge Applicators
10 x GiGi Large Accu Edge Applicators
30 x GiGi Small Natural Muslin Strips
30 x GiGi Large Natural Muslin Strips
1 x 59ml GiGi Pre Hon
1 x 59ml GiGi Post Epilation Lotion
1 x 59ml GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel
1 x 59ml GiGi Post Wax Concealer,
1 x 59ml GiGi Slow Grow,
1 x 59ml GiGi Sure Clean
3 Rest Bars
5 GiGi Collars
Technical Manual.