The Academy is committed to providing students with little or bad credit alternative funding options to pay for program costs. This can be used in conjunction with other loans, grants, and financial aid services.

Easy Financing up to $18,000

Program Financing can be obtained through Gratify with funding up to $18,000 for program fees at Interior Academy. They specialize in funding for people with little or bad credit that would otherwise not get a loan. Loans are interest free!

A student will need to supply Interior Academy Admissions Dept with the following to assess approval amount:

  • Legal name, address, phone number, email address

Approval is valid for 30 days. Students can select up to 12 months to pay their balance with the lender. You can also pay your balance sooner without penalty.

Once assessed and approved, a student will need to supply banking information to the lender:

  • Transit number
  • Institution number
  • Account number
  • OR Login into their bank account via the lenders portal. Note: Logging in is not a charge, the lender is trying to obtain your banking information for monthly debits.

Once you agree to the terms of your loan, and monthly payments, you are sent the application to sign.

This entire process can be completed within a few hours. Please see Academy Admissions for more information.

Plan Requirements

  • Applicants must meet all entrance requirements for the program of enrolment.