Don't Take Our Word For It

The procedures that I learned, the product knowledge and information I received has helped me so much as an esthetician. It helped me to become more organized and on task and to feel better about myself. I found the support and structure of the program to be so beneficial. I also learned to be a team player and how to present myself better to the public.

Upon graduating from Interior Academy, I felt a great level of accomplishment. The staff was extremely supportive and was always there to help resolve any problems that I had. I was hired at one of the local spas before even leaving school. After seeing my work they felt that my skill level, my professionalism, presentation and preparation were very high considering I was someone just out of school.

I am presently working at one of the high end spas in Kamloops “Clippers” and enjoy every day of it. Interior Academy is a great place to learn and I continue to refer students to their programs.
Brittany Rhoda
Kamloops, B.C.
I continue to hire students from the Interior Academy as they have good work ethics along with the knowledge and skill level they need to get started in the industry. I appreciate the fact that the students are not only trained in the fundamentals that they need but they also get to experience professionals coming in from the salons and other areas of the industry to share their experiences and knowledge with the students.
Clippers Hair Studio
I came to this school after experiencing some frustrations and challenges with the way I was being taught at my previous school. The structured environment that they provided, played an important factor in my ability to learn and I feel more secure and have gained a lot more self confidence.

I am very grateful that I chose to go to Interior Academy. I am working at a very reputable salon in my home town which I had before I even graduated. It was the best decision I ever made. It definitely exceeded my expectations.
Jessica McLaughlin
Kamloops, B.C.
Previously I worked in hotel management but always felt like I wanted to work on a more intimate level with people. I wanted to make a difference in the way people looked and felt about themselves. Interior Academy was able to teach me all the skills I needed to reach my success as a stylist. I loved everything about my education, right from the hands on training, the instructor support and the building of life long relationships.

It gave me the confidence to be the best I could be. I really enjoyed the diversity of learning that was offered due to the number of outside guest speakers and demonstrations. I was hired during my practicum and went on to work as a stylist until I was approached about a teaching job at the Academy. I was very excited and after 5 ¬Ω years, I’m still loving it and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the school I was raised in.
Leanne Power
Kamloops, B.C.
Going to Interior Academy gave me the self confidence to head out into the fashion industry knowing that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I learned the importance of structure and fundamentals, and that without those basic principles, I wouldn’t have been able to develop my artistic side to the same degree.

My experience was a very fulfilling one. The program covers an extremely broad range of studies, many of which you wouldn’t expect to find in a beauty school. The scientific side of studying hair is remarkably intense and proves that there is more to being a hairdresser than just cutting someone’s ends off.

The training that I got provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to start my career and to never look back. I had a job position lined up in a very reputable salon before I was even finished my program. They put me through a practicum program as well and through that, I was able to get my foot in the door.

Taking the hairdressing program has allowed me to have fun in my work, to be my own boss and work my own hours and I have been able to build a very profitable income for myself. Seeing the smiles on my clients faces and knowing I can make a difference in their lives even slightly, gives me great pride.
Simone Bonner
Kamloops, B.C.
After doing my due diligence and looking into some of the schooling that was available, I decided to enroll at Interior Academy in the Esthetics program. The reputation of the school seemed to be very high and the local salon’s endorsed the school as their preference.

The high standards, the quality of education and the one on one practical and theory training that I was given was awesome. It was a fun environment as well as an inspirational and enjoyable experience. I found it to be a very team oriented environment and the training went way beyond the basics. I really enjoyed the hands on experience that we were given in the spa. I really prepared me for the spa industry.

The instructors and staff were very supportive and offered so much knowledge all around. I had a job before I even graduated and am very happy working at one of the high end spa’s in town. Interior Academy exceeded my expectations and I look forward to a promising and rewarding career as an Esthetician.
Josh Conlon
Kamloops, B.C.
I loved working with my hands and enjoyed interacting with people one on one. My experience at Interior Academy was very positive. It was a comforting and inspirational environment and the instructors were very supportive. I found it to be very rewarding. Many professionals come in to give us advanced knowledge both theoretically and practically. I really enjoyed the extensive color theory that they offered and I felt that I got way more than the basic education that you would normally get in school. I felt very ready to move into my career upon graduation and was working at a very reputable salon in the area before I had even graduated.

Six years later, I decided to open my own salon and spa and I continue to hire students from Interior Academy as they have excellent work ethics and a strong knowledge of what they are doing.
Ken Kozuki
Kamloops, B.C.
We have hired many students both hair and esthetics from the Interior Academy and have been very pleased with their quality of workmanship and skill levels. We feel that the training that they are receiving is very positive and we continue to recommend potential students to the school.
Ardeo Salon and Spa
Before enrolling in the hairdressing program at Interior Academy, I worked as a customer service representative for a communications company. I knew at an early age that hair would be a passion and hobby the rest of my life. Interior Academy has given me an amazing set of skills to advance in my career as a hairstylist. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge.

The time spent at school has been an amazing journey. There are great days and others that are frustrating but the instructors were always there for help and support when needed. I learned many lessons, not just about hair but about life as well. The theory and technical training I learned at the Academy has given me more ambition to succeed in my dreams, and provided me with a great arsenal of skills to live my dream.

I started working at a local salon 4 months prior to graduating. The school has a great reputation which allows work to be easier found. I look forward to enhancing my skills and living a lifetime dream.
Amanda Pinchbeck
Kamloops, B.C
Interior Academy taught me that the industry was lucrative and diverse, teaching me that you can make of it what you will, and you are in charge of your career. They taught me to respect that every idea is valid and unique. I learned to overcome adversity and how to grow personally as well. It was a wonderful experience. The staff and instructors became my family, instilling a sense of warmth, passion, knowledge, creativity and drive that were unsurpassed by any other. I was given the tools and confidence to successfully reach for my goals and strive further. Thanks to my family at Interior Academy, I graduated with honors, landed an amazing job during my practicum, at one of the premier salons in town and established a confidence and drive that is spinning my career higher and higher. I continue to work at “The Cutting Lounge” and am also working as a technical advisor for Joico International, teaching color techniques to contract salons all over BC. Thanks to Interior Academy and the staff for taking a chance on me, and giving all you could give.
Ray Salmond
House of Carmond, Kamloops, BC
Interior Academy offered me that and a whole lot more. The encouragement that I received and the standard of professionalism that was shown was exceptional. I experienced in depth training and I always felt confident in what I was doing. I felt very prepared for the work force both practically and mentally. The day after I graduated I got a position in a local spa. Interior Academy left a definite mark in my life and when the opportunity arose to come back and take a position as an Esthetics instructor and make the same mark on other Esthetic students I couldn’t refuse.
Tarra Dymont
Kamloops, BC
I feel like I got the most out of everything. The instructors really put a lot of time and focus into all their students. The training I got gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence to get back out into the work force and I felt very ready to start pursuing my career as an Esthetician after graduation. It took me about 7 weeks from my grad date to my first day of work, but I didn’t start looking until about 5 weeks after I graduated. I am working at a great spa right in my home town and I am really excited about my future.
Sarah Hokness